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At Enerfit, we strive to see things from the perspective of our end users - building owners and HVAC service technicians. One of our biggest watchwords is "installed cost" - not the product sticker price, but the total "bottom line" price of a retrofit including installation and ongoing maintenance.

One way to hold down installed cost is to minimize the product cost and features. Because of the control and monitoring capabilities of Enerfit, our product cost has to be higher than other more basic retrofits. Rather than providing a barebones product, we chose to continue to provide a full-featured product.

In order to get minimize product cost, we redesigned Enerfit to take maximum advantage of the economics of scale we have attained over the last few years.

The redesign was also heavily focused on minimizing the installation and startup time to make the total installed cost of Enerfit very competitive in the marketplace in spite of the additional features and savings.

The new Enerfit Version 1 Basic product is the culmination of years of research and testing. The end result is an advanced full-featured product at a very competitive installed cost.


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The original Enerfit performed even better than we had predicted... once it was installed, but there was a problem. Our early 2006-2007 designs required between 111-119 low voltage field terminations for each unit and 4-6 man hours of time with a good chance of having some wiring errors.

The new Enerfit V1 requires only 5-11 low voltage field terminations and 1-2 man hours of time (including VFD installation).

To get that kind of speed and simplicity we've invested a lot of time and money into making field installation as simple as absolutely possible. Our boards use advanced German plug technology to speed wiring. All of the low voltage wiring is furnished with the installation kit and are pre-terminated to the plugs and sensors. They are factory-tested as an assembly and are matched to a simple graphical control diagram.

The plug technology has three distinct advantages over field-wired terminations.

1. The retrofit can be easily installed by most HVAC field service technicians after reading the instruction manual and/or watching the installation video.

2. It drives down the installed cost (the cost that really MATTERS when it comes to payback).

3. It greatly minimizes wiring errors in the field.