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Because of its patented technology, Enerfit boasts an aggressively high payback for a VFD-based RTU retrofit. As mentioned on the "Start Here" page, we have invested an immense amount of time and money to lower Enerfit's installed cost.

But we are not just concerned about initial installed cost. Enerfit's long-term success depends on consistent savings over the lifetime of the unit and we've designed our product to ensure that several different ways.

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Once an owner has made the investment in energy saving retrofits that involve adding a variable frequency drive to the RTU, it falls upon the service technician to maintain the HVAC system. If the VFD retrofit is poorly documented, overly complicated or not working properly, the technician will see the retrofit as something that makes his job even more difficult and complicated.

If the HVAC unit is not working and the occupants are hot and miserable, technicians will have little choice but to bypass such a retrofit to "get the unit running." Once this happens, it is unlikely that the retrofit will ever be put back in working order and the owner forfeits his energy savings investment.

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The regular facility service provider is the missing link in the HVAC payback equation. The service provider should be invested in the retrofit from day one by either actually installing the retrofit or at least being involved in the startup and checkout phase. We've spent eight years listening and improving our product based on feedback from field service technicians.

Enerfit is designed from the ground up to save the service technician a lot of time and hassle by assisting the technician in the troubleshooting process. This can be accomplished with a minimum of training.

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Every time a service technician has to pull out gauges to check pressures, the unit WILL lose refrigerant. No level of skill or training can change that.

Unfortunately, refrigerant prices have skyrocketed in recent years. In particular -
R22 prices have increased 600% since 2006.

With Enerfit, technicians can instantly, more accurately, and in real time, obtain suction pressures and superheat values for each refrigerant circuit through the Enerfit Monitoring Tool (EMT) without the loss of ANY refrigerant. We also include a “Service Switch” that bypasses the Enerfit system for up to an hour to allow the service technician to troubleshoot the A/C unit in the normal manner to which he is accustomed.

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The EMT (Enerfit Monitoring Tool) comes included with every rooftop unit. It is a small, inexpensive handheld tool designed to be a quick and easy way to find out what’s going on not only with Enerfit – but also the unit – in real time.

It connects to the Enerfit controller and gives instant read-only access to 15 different control points and 13 alarm codes. It requires no battery, programming or boot time - it connects to the Enerfit controller and instantly begins streaming data using only simple up/down arrow keys to navigate.

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Enerfit also offers an option called EnerTouch, a breakthrough ARM-powered touchpad controller and web server. This extremely cost-effective technology aggregates building automation and control networks (BACnet) data and makes it available on any browser or mobile device.

This is important for service technicians and building managers because they can see real-time unit data on their smartphones, tablets, or computers from any location by simply connecting to a password-protected IP address.

Enertouch can also send out the Enerfit alarms to owner-approved personnel.

Unlike other more expensive and complex systems, EnerTouch is HTML only and requires no plugins or special software like Java, Silverlight or Flash.

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Once customers purchase Enerfit, they receive access to, our dedicated support website with high definition training videos, installation guides, and WebEx training.

Every Enerfit order is furnished with a magnetic, laminated wiring diagram for mounting on the unit and a step by step installation manual with detailed photos (that also follows the training video).

Most importantly, Enerfit also maintains a full time Enerfit service and support staff.

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For facilities with existing building automation systems, all Enerfit controllers are provided with native open-protocol BACnet/MSTP. Alarms and data points are uniformly labeled and clearly transmitted for maximum ease of integration to any building automation system with BACnet capabilities.

Also, Enerfit’s V1B is designed for easy integration into analytics programs such as SkySpark, CopperTree and others.